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"Penn Therapy is in a class by itself. Unlike the large PT chains, where patients often do not have a therapist assigned to them and therapy is done by multiple therapists in a public setting, Penn Therapy provides patients with an assigned therapist and therapy is done in individual treatment rooms (that are comfortable and always spotless). If your therapist is away, or if you need to come in at a time your therapist is unavailable, one of the others will treat you. But no therapist works on you who hasn't read your entire record so the treatment you get is always consistent and appropriate. I first started going to Penn Therapy some years ago after a car accident. The treatment was excellent and I recovered fully. My primary therapist at that time was Tracey Tainter. Tracey is a remarkable therapist. She is always thinking and is not satisfied until she understands exactly why her patients are having the symptoms they have. To call her conscientious is an understatement. More recently, I had shoulder surgery after a slip on the ice resulted in a damaged rotator cuff. Without knowing that I was familiar with Penn Therapy, my surgeon, a leading specialist in shoulder surgery, told me that Penn Therapy was the best place to get shoulder rehab. And he was correct. I became a patient of Mark Reitz, the owner of Penn Therapy, and he did an excellent job helping me to recover full use of my shoulder. Mark is a one of the region's pioneers in shoulder rehab. Moreover, Mark has very deliberately designed the treatment model at Penn Therapy to be patient focused and not be the assembly line that other practices use. When Mark is away, or if I need to come in at a time when Mark is not available, I usually get therapy from Tracey. Megan Pryze is a certified specialist in using using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (although all of the therapists can do that) and Megan provided excellent assistance in helping to reduce some internal scarring that had developed. Early on in my rehab, when I overdid my exercise regime and strained my shoulder, I need to see someone on an emergency basis, and Nicholas Tainter saw me and did an excellent job relieving the pain. I cannot give a high enough evaluation of Penn Therapy. All of the therapists there are absolutely first rate. I should also say that the gym area in which patients do their exercises after treatment has an almost "family feel" to it. Patients know each other and there is always a friendly atmosphere. The gym attendants are also excellent. They supervise carefully."
Oct 26, 2021
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"Bob worked with me after back surgery, and I could not have asked for a better result. He covered all aspects of my rehab, and I was able to work at my own pace. Thank you Bob."
Aug 29, 2021
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"I highly recommend Bob and the team. They really got me back on my feet quickly. The staff is incredibly nice and knowledgeable and I’ll always be grateful to them. I learned a lot and had fun interacting with then throughout my recovery! Thank you, Brian G"
May 27, 2021
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"Penn Therapy was great! Bob Otto was extremely helpful in working out my back pain. Highly recommend!"
Mar 10, 2021
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"Last year my son Sean sustained a serious foot and ankle injury. He was non weight bearing for over 10 weeks and developed nerve complications during his recovery. We are so grateful to Tracey and Megan for all they did to help him to recover. They were always kind, patient and always worked hard with Sean to help him fully recover He received the most excellent care there. The entire staff at Penn therapy associates are awesome! You are not just a patient there, they make you feel like family! There is no other place I would recommend for physical therapy. He received the best Possible care here and would recommend to anyone who needs physical therapy! "
Oct 22, 2020
"The quality of care and comfortable atmosphere at Penn Therapy gave me peace of mind as they guided my recovery from a rotator cuff injury. I would highly recommend this practice."
Aug 27, 2020
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"Someone asked me ,” Why you would go back physical therapy during the virus . I replied , “Penn Therapy was always clean before the virus . The people who work at Penn Therapy. Treat you like family. Bob Otto who is my PT cares and explains everything going on with my therapy and systematically answers my questions. My pain has been reduced from the different exercises a great deal. From the caring receptionist to the owner Mark to Megan. Everyone takes time make you feel special I. A clean environment. Right now"
Jun 15, 2020
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"I have been a longtime patient at Penn Therapy for chronic neck pain and I would not go anywhere else. I would highly recommend Mark Reitz and and his entire staff. They are friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. The care I receive there allows me to live a more active lifestyle with less pain. As a result of Covid-19, I had not been in for an appointment in months and was in a significant amount of discomfort. I finally decided it was time to go in and I’m so glad that I did. They have put a number of measures in place to maintain the safety of their patients and employees. It was clear that strict cleaning procedures were being followed. In addition, patients were spaced out, everyone was wearing a mask, and I did not have contact with anyone except my therapist. I felt very safe and comfortable. I am thankful that I will now be able to return to my regularly scheduled visits. "
Jun 04, 2020
"I would recommend 100%. The sweetest people and I healed very fast!!"
May 08, 2020
"Penn Therapy is amazing - very comfortable, clean and nice environment. My therapist Bob helped me from being in constant pain to being able to run again. Highly recommend!"
Feb 27, 2020
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"This place does a great job and the people are so wonderful and friendly, you almost hate to get well!......well, almost. Was treated following surgery for a severed patellar tendon. Now moving almost as well as before my nasty fall. Thanks!!!"
Feb 27, 2020
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"Highly recommend. Helped keep me active and moving during my injury. If you’re a runner - go see Bob!"
Feb 24, 2020
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"Bob is the best!!!"
Feb 07, 2020
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"I had double knee replacement surgery earlier this year, and my surgeon recommended Penn Therapy Associates. I knew I needed physical therapy, but was a little apprehensive about where to go, as I have had physical therapy at two other providers with less than desirable results. I found that at those other facilities, I was taught a few exercises, and then left alone to do them every time I came in, with little, if any, hands on therapy. I left those facilities because it amounted to paying to go to their place to do exercises I could do at home. Penn Therapy Associates has restored my faith in physical therapy. There are several very competent therapists. I split my time between two of the best. Every visit includes hands on therapy, addressing whatever issues are most in need at the time. I then have a routine of exercises that I do, with supervision and coaching where needed. The hands on manipulations, to me, makes the greatest difference between Penn Therapy and the other guys. I highly recommend Penn Therapy Associates, and will never go anywhere else."
Nov 26, 2019
"Penn Therapy inc are the best therapist that their is. Very professional from begining to end. Everyone is so nice. They top novacare, their hands on and that's what I needed. I was always greeted with a smile from the entire staff, i would recommend anyone to go to Penn Therapy. thanks to Tracey, Megan, Mark, and the entire staff, I love you all thanks again. You're the best!!!!"
Nov 26, 2019
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"Penn Therapy has always been my first choice when I’ve needed physical therapy. I have and will continue to recommend Penn Therapy to friends and family as well as my co-workers because of the outstanding, high quality care I’ve received. I had back surgery and was reassured from the start that I would improve and resume my career as a healthcare provider. The welcoming staff from the front office to the skilled therapists deliver the care required in an environment that is warm and caring. "
Nov 24, 2019
"The staff at Penn Therapy are very professional, friendly, and helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of PT. "
Oct 14, 2019
"Everyone at Penn Therapy in Havertown couldn’t be nicer. They make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. It is my go to place for my neck pain. I would never go anywhere else. Bob is the best. He is so personable and cares about you as a person not just a patient. He is so easy to talk to and the hour I am there just flies by. I love Penn Therapy Havertown!"
Aug 16, 2019
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"Bob is the BEST Physical Therapist! He has helped me with knee, foot and wrist injuries a Thanks to Bob I was able to resume playing softball and Volleyball. The staff at Penn Therapy are very kind and caring! I HIGHLY recommend Penn Therapy for all your PT needs!"
Aug 10, 2019
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"Amazing place. Bob and the rest of the people there treat you like family. I went after my shoulder surgery. In the beginning I was barely mobile after I was done I was lifting weights again doing strength If I need to go back they will be the first ones I contact! Thanks everyone!"
Jul 22, 2019
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"I have nothing but great things to say about Penn Therapy! Used their services twice. First with Mark. Next with Pam. Both were so nice and helpful - explaining everything to me and making sure I was comfortable with the rehab process. Encouraging me every step of the way! I will never go anywhere else for physical therapy! Highly, highly recommended!!"
Apr 23, 2019
"I have nothing but great things to say about Penn Therapy! Used their services twice. First with Mark. Next with Pam. Both were so nice and helpful - explaining everything to me and making sure I was comfortable with the rehab process. Encouraging me every step of the way! I will never go anywhere else for physical therapy! Highly, highly recommended!!"
Apr 23, 2019
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"After 2 weeks of hip and back pain, I saw Penn Therapy where they identified my problem—hips out of alignment, a common SI issue, they said. They re-aligned on the spot and gave info for post-visit and prevention. Pam provided great professional and knowledgeable care."
Mar 15, 2019
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"Penn Therapy is a very professional and knowledgeable place to go for outstanding treatment and care for all of your physical therapy needs. I have been to other physical therapy practices but none can compare to the staff at Penn Therapy. My Physical Therapist is Mark Reitz who is the owner. His expertise in treatment goes above and beyond the standard of care. That confidence is evident in him as well as all the Physical Therapists who practice there. The front desk is so friendly and very accommodating which is very apparent and is carried to the Physical Therapy aides as well. I highly recommend you checking them out. My personal experience has been nothing less than excellent in the hands of Penn Therapy Associates."
Feb 26, 2019
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Feb 08, 2019
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"I’ve been to several PT places in the past and I can honestly say this is the best! All the therapists are terrific as are the people at the front desk. They take time to assess your needs and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Best deep tissue work ever. Special kudos to Bob and Pam. I hope I never need them again but if I do need PT again, this is where I’ll get it."
Jan 31, 2019
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"I have been a patient of Penn Therapy for several years for various orthopedic issues. Bob Otto my physical therapist and the entire staff has always been the best support system anyone could ask for. Thanks to them I'm able to continue my active lifestyle. They are great ! Joanne M."
Aug 08, 2018
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"Bob really helped me out with extreme elbow pain. I went and he knew exactly what to do to relieve my pain. Thanks again Bob."
Aug 03, 2018
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"Simply the best around!! The staff is second to none and they make you feel like family when you are there. The quality of the treatment and care you receive simply can't be beat."
Aug 03, 2018
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Aug 02, 2018
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"After a severe auto accident injury, I went to I Penn Therapy Associates to regain mobility and range of motion. They gave me caring, individual treatment. Pamela was very helpful and always listened to my concerns. I was not just a number, and never felt rushed. Every PT assistant encouraged me along the way, and made the days enjoyable. The front desk staff was very accommodating. Mark, the owner, is actively involved in the business and cares about his staff and patients. I highly recommend them."
Feb 15, 2018
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"As a PGA Golf Professional, I had been dealing with constant back pain while playing for a decade. I had visited a sports medicine doctor and therapist for several years, with some success of relief, but the discomfort always came back. Fortunately my dental hygienist suggested that I visit Penn Therapy and have Mark Reitz review my MRI report & DVD disc. Upon review, Mark was confident that he and his professional staff could resolve my back pain. Interestingly, I have had 2 major colon surgeries six months apart and 1 elbow tendon repair surgery since July 2016. Needless to say, every muscle group was in dire need of strength and flexibility. Due to surgery down times, I couldn't receive therapy that I needed. Now in March 2017, my physical well being is moving upward and onward! Mark and his staff from Amy at the Front Desk to associates Andrew, Donna, and Megan to therapists Tracey, Bob, and Pam have been exactly what I needed! They all are to be commended and recognized for their compassion (action with passion) to ensure me and every patient I have seen frequent the Penn Therapy office, improve their personal health care. Amen!"
Mar 14, 2017
"As a retired RN, I appreciated all the effort that went into answers to all my questions, even having my PT draw pictures or showing me a plastic model."
Jan 03, 2017
"What a great place. Everyone in this entire facility is tuned into the patient needs. From the front desk and scheduling appointments to the entire staff they all make the rehab experience as pleasant as possible. Bob Otto was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Penn Therapy. And, if in the future I need rehab/PT this will be my go to place."
Dec 01, 2016
"I came to Penn Therapy after a knee replacement and the experience has made all the difference. I had had a difficult recuperation and the time and effort that was given me was exceptional. I heartily recommend the site and the staff without qualification."
Oct 31, 2016
"Penn Therapy Associates is an outstanding facility. The PT's and staff there are very caring, attentive and competent. They provided excellent advice and care and worked diligently to follow up and make sure progress and healing is happening on a regular basis. The flexibility with scheduling appointments was also extremely helpful. . Thank you for all you have done and for the outstanding care I received."
Sep 13, 2016
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"Bob Otto was the best"
Aug 03, 2016
"After having an epidural for spine pain I went to Penn Therapy. Bob Otto was my therapist. He is very good at what he does and very professional (as is all the staff). Bob worked with me for many weeks and yesterday I graduated with no spine pain whatsoever. I attribute that to the hard and dedicated work of Bob and the other staff members. I left with exercises to continue my workout. If needed give Bob or Penn Therapy a call and they will surely help you. Thank you very much."
Jul 14, 2016
"This is my second experience with Penn Therapy. Both were very positive. This time I was using medication to try to ease my pain, but the physical therapy has made all the difference. Bob Otto is my therapist but the entire staff has been very professional, friendly, and extremely helpful. For the time being I am back to all my old activities but I know I can come back if I need their help. This has been a very upbeat and helpful experience. I want to thank everyone at Penn Therapy."
Jul 08, 2016
"This is the most effective group with the proven results."
Jun 22, 2016
"I have been to three physical therapy offices and Penn therapy is the best by far. Following surgery, Bob Otto, my therapist brought to me a level of mobility that I never thought I'd have again. Everyone in the office is friendly and caring, and the front desk staff were very patient and helpful when I had scheduling problems. This office is highly recommended!"
Jun 21, 2016
"Extremely competent, professional and very personable care is delivered by all the PTs and the entire staff at Penn Therapy. Bob Otto has always been my primary PT but the whole team works with you to ensure the healthiest outcome possible. The environment is so pleasant that you look forward to seeing the PTs and other patients while you all work to get well, together. I've had the bad luck to suffer 2 back injuries that required surgery, the last @4 years ago. I always say that my surgeon gave me a chance to regain my life's activities but Bob Otto was mostly responsible for making it happen. Thank you Bob!"
Jun 18, 2016
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"I have been referred to Penn Therapy by two different sports doctors over the past 6 years, to treat three separate injury occurrences. Even our pediatrician referred us to Mark Reitz and his staff. Penn Therapy makes physical therapy easy, the location is convenient and the parking is free. They have hours available before and after work, and they are flexible with scheduling. Everyone is friendly, and they make a real effort to get to know you and your goals. It's not a huge corporate company, but rather an intimate staff of professionals. As a runner, it was important for me to have a therapist who understood my desire to get back to my passion as soon as possible. Bob Otto, my PT and also an ultra runner, was empathetic but also medically conscientious in ensuring I did not return to the sport too early. The therapist are not looking for a quick fix, but rather in providing the patients with the tools they need to prevent future injury. I would certainly recommend Penn Therapy to others."
Jun 07, 2016
"You will find everyone who works at Penn Therapy is knowledgeable and competent. The staff has been caring and gentle throughout my course of treatment and I would highly recommend them for physical therapy. Following my physical therapy I was able to continue to maintain what I accomplished with rehab on Penn Therapy's supervised fitness program."
Jun 07, 2016
"I've been a patient since 2009 at Penn Therapy and have been treated post-operativly on 2 occasions. The staff has been great helping me on my road to recovery. I have since joined their fitness program to continue to work on my strength and endurance. The staff has been highly attentive during my sessions. I continue to referr them to friends and family and would highly recommend them for physical therapy to anyone."
Jun 07, 2016
Apr 08, 2016
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"My name is Art Fastman and I was a client of Bob Otto's for several months in 2011 following rotator cuff surgery. It has been just over one year since the surgery for a large tear, and I am pleased to report that under Bob's care and constant reminder to follow instructions and to balance in being patient, I am much better. I enjoy playing ice hockey and this past Sunday I tended goal in a benefit game versus the Flyer's Alumni Team. This was a goal of my recovery since I could not play last year due to the pending surgery.

Please share my appreciation with Bob and the Penn Therapy staff in helping me reach this 'goal'."

- Art Fastman

"I recently was a patient at your Havertown location for about 5 months after shoulder surgery. Prior to this treatment i was receiving physical therapy elsewhere and experiencing some complications, so I transferred to Dr. Ramsey at the Rothman Institute who in turn referred me to your practice.

Heath Finney was my therapist who I found to be nothing short of fantastic and professional. He understood my problem and worked on the issues immediately. He gave me a lot of encouragement and modified my therapy in line with how I was doing that week. I was a league squash player prior to having surgery and during the complications period, I doubted that I would ever return to the squash courts again. After 5 short months and following the plan, I have returned to squash, working out in the gym and feeling like a new person. League squash is within reach of me now.

I want to thank ALL the members of Penn Therapy Associates for their warmth, hospitality, professionalism and support.

I strongly recommend Penn Therapy Associates as 'the place' to go.

- Alan J.

My experience with Penn Therapy has been outstanding. I have disc issues in my cervical section of my spine which has led to my numbness in my fingers and limited use of my right hand. I also had discomfort throughout my neck and surrounding areas.

Since going to Penn Therapy my condition has vastly improved and I have much better use of my right hand with less numbing sensation and less discomfort with my neck.

Additionally my condition remains stable with the home maintenance program I received from the Penn Therapy team.

I am extremely grateful for the encouragement and outstanding care I received from the entire Penn Therapy team.

- Dave P.

"I had the pleasure of visiting Penn Therapy Associates for two months while rehabilitating my ankle. I wanted to thank everyone for their assistance while helping me attain my goal to get back out and running again. The staff was very professional, accommodating, and friendly."

- Deb K.

"As someone who has chronic back problems, I have a history of success using Penn Therapy Associates. Bob Otto, MPT and the staff at Penn Therapy Associates have distinguished themselves on more than one occasion in my situation. They have demonstrated initiative, enthusiasm, professional ability, and keen foresight in doing what was necessary to get me back in shape. My recovery on each incident can be directly attributed to the excellent staff at Penn Therapy Associates. For their record of achievement, I give Penn Therapy Associates my highest recommendation."

- Sam S.

"I write to inform you of the excellent results I obtained through an exceptional local resource, Penn Therapy Associates. I began physical therapy for plantar fasciitis on 4/9/10, and after two more treatments within the following week with Mark E. Reitz, PT, I was able to walk without pain. I continued treatment to add the capacity for walking longer periods of time, all covered by my Medicare benefits. I have found that my various experiences with Penn Therapy Associates since 2001 for multiple issues have consistently included effective hands-on treatments by skilled therapists, not the rote therapy provided by the chain clinics. I recommend Penn Therapy Associates for your consideration for patients who may benefit from minimally obtrusive treatment for plantar fasciitis."

Julio P.